As a Cardiff Personal Branding Photographer, Ela Fraczkowska specialises in creating powerful visual identities for professionals and businesses across South Glamorgan, Wales, the UK and Internationally

About Ela

Personal Brand Photography

“Only a truly skilled photographer can capture such a shot that depicts the story behind the person in the frame. I’ve had an absolute blast getting these images done with you!

You’re not only an expert, but also, very attentive and kind!”

woman wearing a hijab with sunglasses on her head

 Yousra Elsadig, Head Designer of award-winning Boutique de Nana,

Barclays Woman to Watch 2017, Designer of the Year 2016, Fashion Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist in Wales 2015.


Welcome!  I look forward to working with You!

A woman with long blonde hair in a black leather coat stands outdoors, smiling gently with her hands near her collar. The background is blurred but includes a building and a staircase, making for an ideal personal brand photography setting.

” My name is Ela and I’m excited to share my bespoke solutions for your business with you!

With a focus on Personal Branding Photography, I  capture authentic and compelling business portraits and headshots that elevate your professional image.

I’ll be working with you personally to ensure that you’re comfortable and confident before you ever stand in front of my lens. We’ll work together to pick the perfect outfits, hairdos, locations and even arrangements for your session. I don’t want this to be anything less than an unforgettable and transformational experience for you and your brand.”

My goal is to create a Personal Branding Session that you will love and that will make your business even more successful.

My unique packages are designed for successful business owners and CEOs looking to take their social media platforms and websites to the next level and stand out as unquestionable industry leaders. This service is one of a kind and completely discreet.

From a complete social media makeover, we will increase awareness and exposure of your brand, secure commercial partnerships, up your engagement to another level, open up new audiences, create goal-oriented social strategies and connect with your followers in a new, authentic and fun way.”  –  Ela

A personal branding photographer captures a person with long hair sitting on a low fence, wearing a blue dress and brown boots next to a white building on a sunny day.
A person with long hair wearing a brown cowboy hat and a black leather jacket, looking up and tipping the brim of the hat—perfect for professional headshots with a touch of rugged charm.
Woman in a denim dress and boots jogging in a dry, grassy area with rocky terrain in the background—creating power portraits that capture her strength and resilience amidst nature's rugged beauty.
A woman wearing a denim dress, sunglasses, and brown boots stands against a white wall in sunlight, capturing the essence of international fashion photography.

“You are inspirational to all of us. Your artwork changes many leaders’ careers/lives.  The power of Personal Branding can only be strengthened with your photography and sense of beauty for non-verbal communication!

Keep up the excellent work!”

A woman with long dark hair is wearing a colorful knitted hat and smiling, embodying the essence of fashion artwork.

Eman Martin-Vignerte,

Head of Political Affairs & Governement Relations at Bosch UK

A woman with long blonde hair is smiling and holding the collar of her black leather trench coat. She is standing outdoors in an urban area, reminiscent of a chic photoshoot in Milan.
A woman with curly hair and red lipstick rests her head on her hand while sitting at a marble table in an outdoor Amalfi Coast setting, perfect for a branding photoshoot.
A woman with short dark hair, wearing a light pink shirt, white pants, and brown shoes, sits on stone steps with one hand on her neck and the other resting on her knee during a branding photoshoot at the Amalfi Coast for LinkedIn.
A woman with short dark hair, wearing a light pink shirt, leans against a light-colored wall with her right arm crossed and her left hand touching her chin—an embodiment of beautiful soft fashion portraits.

Ela Fraczkowska’s talent for Personal Branding Photography extends far beyond Wales

Her exceptional eye for beauty and mastery of nonverbal communication enhance the power of personal branding. Through her lens, she captures compelling images that speak volumes, reinforcing her clients’ professional image and identity.  An inspiration to all, Ela’s artwork has transformed the careers and lives of many leaders.