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Uncover Your Story with Me –

You, Your Values and Your Why’s

Visually Defining your Brand through Powerful Photography

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Personal Branding Photography that Beautifully Captures the Real You.

Imagine every viewer wanting to deal with you… My carefully planned, signature photographs will present you as an unrivalled leader in the industry, exuding a feel of magnificence, elegance and style…
…. and making your competitors look negligible and insignificant in comparison…

Personal brands are build around individuals, rather than products, and therefore are always bespoke. They possess unique traits to make you look uniquely ‘you’.

“I’ll ensure that you’re comfortable and confident before you stand in front of my lens. My goal is to create the personal branding session that you will love and that will result in making your business even more successful.”

My photography captures these traits so that you can appealingly and uniquely appear in front of others, usually through social media or promotional materials.

Personal brand photography is a desire-building showcase and an once-in-a- lifetime opportunity to attract your prospects and stand out from the crowd of run-of-the-mill business owners while simultaneously sharing your story, your values and your ‘whys’.

Scroll-Resistant Branded Imagery.
Engaging Your Prospective Clients.
Bespoke. Authentic. Premium.
Telling the Story of You, Your Values & Your Brand.
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Build more Recognition, Credibility and Trust in your Brand.

Provide unique, fresh and highly engaging visual components of your posts and attention-grabbing, irresistible marketing and branding materials.

Dominate the market by authentically presenting your ideal clients with bespoke, premium and attention-grabbing images of you that accentuate the values your deluxe brand is build on and show you as unquestionable industry leader with elegance, style and originality. Today’s online marketplace is built on images. Without stunning images to showcase your services or products, you won’t be be able to create that WOW factor that converts followers into customers.

Own best quality images show you as an industry leader.
Create the perfect first impression online.
Let potential clients see the real life you.
Become their preferred choice with images that  tell your story.
Create that personal touch with online visitors than won’t make you look like just another service/ product provider desperate to sell.
Make your brand voice visually strong today – it’s expensive to maintain a poorly defined one.

Step-by-Step Process to Creating Desire and Dominating the Market.


We set up a complimentary zoom / phone call to deep-dive into the heart of your business, clarify your brand and decide on your exquisite brand package. I’ll create a bespoke mood board around your business values and goals.


We select a location to match your mood board and plan your once- in-a-lifetime experience. Throughout your shoot I am there to share expert personal styling advice.


You will meet me at your perfect location / locations and I will capture your unique brand story in a fun and relaxed environment. Don’t worry if you are nervous, its my job to put you totally at ease.


I will be working my magic editing you images within the specified time frame (no longer than three weeks).  I give your images that added punch and impact so they are guaranteed to stop the scroll.


Your images will be delivered resized and ready to use – you will now be able to start creating an impact online!
You and your brand will be so pleased that you have chosen me!

“This is how I feel when I know I’m working with the best Ela Fraczkowska. Anyone can be a photographer but the eye for details and attention to styling. Ela Fraczkowska you’re a dream to work with; such a beautiful soul”

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5 gold stars

Shameem Algieri

Fashion Model, Ms Fitness UK Winner 1st, Ms Fitness UK IFBB Winner 1st, European Ms Fitness 5th, Arnold Schwarzenegger World USA, 12th

“Ela knows how to capture you at your best and in a way that presents you to others just how you want to be presented. Not only that, it’s the way she goes about capturing those images. It’s very relaxed and unfussy, which really helps put you at ease. It almost doesn’t feel like a photo shoot!”

Man with beard hand on chin

5 gold stars

Rahim Mastafa

Freelance Editor, RTS Cymru Committee Member whose latest credits include: The Real Des – The Dennis Nilsen Story, Murder in Tiger Bay

“Thank you SO much for your outstanding work!  The photos are amazing and we are very happy with to outcome! The mobility photos are precious!

We can already picture them in the London City Report!”

Headshot of woman looking directly at the camera

5 gold stars

Carolina Cominotti

Head of Partnerships & Public Affairs at Autonomy Paris

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Ela Fraczkowska

About Me

I’m excited to share my Bespoke Solutions for your Business!

” I have a track record of successfully helping clients ranging from the Forbes Business Council members, through fashion designers, business coaches and advisors for top-tier executives and leaders, castle owners to directors of political affairs and government relations of the largest multinational corporations who frequently referred to their photoshoot experiences with me as ‘transformational’.  

I use my aesthetic sensitivity to what looks desirable and engaging gained from the experience of preparing numerous editorials for high fashion magazines. I believe your story, values, ‘whys’ and your brand are of the utmost importance and deserve to be shared with the world in the best light.

We will zoom- meet to deep-dive into the heart of your business to clarify your brand elements and identify the needs of your ideal client.”

–  Ela

Empowerment, Desire & Market Domination Packages from £1500

My unique packages are for successful business owners and CEOs who are looking to take their social media platforms and websites to the next level and stand out as unquestionable industry leaders exuding confidence, class, and professionalism.

This service is one of a kind and completely discreet.

From a complete social media makeover, we will increase awareness and exposure of your brand, secure commercial partnerships, up your engagement to another level, open up new audiences, create goal-oriented social strategies and connect with your followers and ideal clients in a new, original and authentic way.

Authentically Beautiful Rich

The Authentically Beautiful Rich Personal Branding Story

  • 31 Outstanding, bespoke and elegant fully edited digital files;
  • A month of highly engaging, original and premium Social Media coverage – visual components of your post to generate more folloiwng and engage more prospects and total revamp of your website;
  • Naturally beautiful and beautifully natural headshots for Social Media – to build more recognition, credibility and trust in your brand and to create desire to deal with you;
  • Two exquisite locations that are important to you and your brand to tell your unique story in a compelling and original way;
  • One Pre-Photoshoot deep-dive zoom call – Discovering your Story Experience and clarifying your essential brand components.

Authentically Beautiful Deluxe

The Authentically Beautiful Deluxe Personal Branding Empowerment, Desire and Market Domination

  • 60 Bespoke fully edited digital files – three months worth of very engaging original and premium social media coverage – visual components to your posts to provide fresh content that generates more following and engages more prospects;
  • Headshots for Social Media – to build more recognition, creditability and trust in your brand;
  • Stylised flatlays to vary your content and make an unforgettable statement;
  • Optimised LinkedIn Banner – to make you look professional and ready to do business;
  • Two locations that are important to you and your brand to tell your unique story in a compelling and orginal way;
  • Two Pre-Photoshoot deep-dive zoom calls – to discover Your Story Experience and clarify your essential brand components;
  • Expert Styling advice.

Uniquely You Concise

Uniquely You – Concise Personal Branding Story of You

  • 15 ‘Uniquely You’ images telling your story, focusing on your values and your ‘whys’ – outstanding, bespoke and elegantly fully edited digital files;
  • Attention-grabbing images for your webiste, profile pictures and other marketing and branding materials;
  • A Zoom consultation with Ela;
  • One hour consulation about website design and style;
  • One location;

Don’t let poor photos cost you business!

Make others talk about you!

Can you afford postponing your photo shoot again? How many clients will it cost you?  Book your FREE No-Obligation Consultation Call now!

Having set up a complimentary zoom / phone call, we will deep-dive into the heart of your business, clarify your brand elements and decide on your exquisite brand package. I’ll then create a bespoke mood board around your business values and goals.

We will select location options that match your mood board and I will start planning your once-in-a-lifetime experience that will reflect your business messaging. Alongside tips to help you showcase your brand in the best light, I’ll also share expert personal styling advice…

That’s AFTER you book your consultation call, though….

So… what are you waiting for?